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Private Voice Lessons

Each 60 or 90-minute private lesson is customized for each vocalist's unique instruction and goals. We address many aspects of singing: technique, presentation, musicianship, appropriate repertoire, audition preparation, diction/languages, practice habits, vocal health and music career counselling. Specific strategies and performance psychology tools are incorporated to ensure each student's successful application. Students are required to record their lessons for maximum retention. Commitment level options are weekly, biweekly or a la carte lessons scheduled by appointment only. 24-hour cancellation policy applies with exceptions for emergencies at the teacher's discretion. $75/hour.



Masterclasses are wonderful learning opportunities where we gather for instruction in a structured group setting. Various topics relevant to performers and singing actors are addressed by various presenters. AAVA students also meet in this format to rehearse for upcoming auditions and performances. Our supportive and encouraging environment provides constructive feedback and opportunities to refine our performance skills by singing for one another. Fees vary based on size and instructor.


Each season we have several different themed recitals and concerts at various venues with live accompanists. Past performances have included different solo and ensemble pieces of a wide variety of musical genres including Classical, Holiday, Sacred, Jazz, Pop, Contemporary and Musical Theater. Tickets range from $10-$15/per adult. Performance fees for participating students range based on number of rehearsals required.

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Specific small or large group instruction offer affordable and intensive training. Fees and topics are customized per event.

  • All-State Chorus Auditions

  • College Audition Recordings

  • Audition Preparation

  • Working With an Accompanist/Conductor

  • Acting Your Song

  • Choosing Your Songbook

  • Preserving Your Vocal Health

  • Engaging Your Body

  • Goal Setting for Singers

  • Effective Practice Strategies 

Lessons: Lessons
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